Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

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Any room numbers mentioned without building names are located in the Siebel Center for Computer Science


A multi-disciplinary special interest group dedicated to game development.

Platform - Discord

Meeting Time - Monday 6:00 PM

Meeting Location - Room 1111 / Discord

Chair(s) - Ruben Serrano, Andy Song


The GNU/Linux Users' group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; passionate about free software and making things.

Platform - GLUG website, ACM Slack

Meeting Time - Wednesday 6:00 PM

Meeting Location - Room 1304 / GLUG

Chair(s) - Chinmaya Mahesh


QUIUC is the only Quantum Computing group here at UIUC. We are an open and collaborative SIG aiming to make Quantum Computing educational and accessible for everyone!

Platform - Discord

Meeting Time:
General - Tuesday 7:00 PM
Social - Sunday 12:00 PM (online)

Meeting Location - Loomis 144 / Discord

Chair(s) - Akshunna Vaishnav, Shreyaans Jain


This SIG focuses on competitive programming skill-development and competitions

Platform - Campuswire (Code 4080)

Meeting Time - Tuesday 6:00 PM

Meeting Location - Room 1105 / Zoom

Chair(s) - Leo Yang, Yipeng Yang


We seek to educate UIUC students on the fundamentals and state of the art topics in machine learning and data science. We hope to present topics in an accessible and engaging way so that everyone can take part in the exciting data revolution.

Platform - Discord

Meeting Time - Saturday 4:00 PM

Meeting Location - Room 1404 / Discord

Chair(s) - Ajay Arasanipalai, Jatin Mathur, Shaw Kagawa, Shrirang Bagdi, John Li, Araaish Paul


ACM's special interest group for Human-Computer Interaction. CHI is a multidisciplinary field within computer science that focuses on the interaction between humans and computers. We look at how technology can be designed and engineered to help humans.

Platform - Discord

Meeting Time - Tuesday 5:00 PM

Meeting Location - Room 1304 / Zoom

Chair(s) - Mitchell Bifeld, Swathi Ram, Abhimanyu Thosar


SIGCloud aims to introduce students to the foundations of cloud solution architecture using AWS Cloud. Each session deep dives into core domains such as compute, storage, databases, security, etc, with each meeting consisting of a lecture presentation and a hands-on lab. Members will learn to about how to leverage cloud services for their development work and apply cloud best practices.

Platform - Discord

Meeting - Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 PM (Bi-weekly starting 09/07)

Meeting Location - Room 1111, Zoom

Chair(s) - Romina Parimi


The special interest group for economics and computation. We explore the intersection between CS and economic areas like markets, auctions, mechanism design, and decision-making.

Platform - Discord

Meeting Time - Tuesdays 5:00 PM

Meeting Location - Room 1131 / Zoom

Chair(s) - Arjun Panickssery


A beginner friendly community for people interested in computer animation, physics simulation, video games, rendering, multimedia, and software relating to graphics. We are an official student chapter of the international ACM SIGGRAPH organization.

Platform - Discord

Meeting Time - Monday 4:00 PM

Meeting Location - Room 1103/ Discord

Chair(s) - Sahil Patel, Stacy Zheng, Michael Korenchan


SIGHPC's goal is to introduce students to the core technologies and tools in High Performance Computing like OpenMPI, SLURM, and CUDA and give practical examples of how applications use them. SIGHPC also serves as the primary recruiting organization for the Student Cluster Competition where a team of 6 will attend the Supercomputing conference and participate in a HPC-based week-long competition.

Platform - Slack (#sighpc), Zoom

Meeting Time - TBA

Meeting Location - Zoom

Chair(s) - Pranshu Chaturvedi


Special interest group for mobile development.

Platform - Discord

Meeting Time - Tuesday 4:00 PM

Meeting Location - 1105 / Discord

Chair(s) - Matt Geimer, Rahul Shamkuwar


A project based SIG all about the intersection between computer science, music, and everything in between! People of all skill levels and disciplines are welcome

Platform - Discord

Meeting Time - Sunday 6:00 PM

Meeting Location - Discord

Chair(s) - Billy Walters, Andrew Orals


Computer Security SIG, we pwn computers and be excellent together

Platform - Discord

Meeting Time - Thursday 6:00 PM, Sunday 2:00 PM

Meeting Location - 2405 / Discord

Chair(s) - Thomas Quig